BowdoinOne Day is a time for alumni, students, parents, and friends to come together to recognize Bowdoin’s impact and give back to ensure its ongoing excellence. It is about fun, nostalgia, and reliving a memorable part of our lives, but it is also about the future of Bowdoin. Each April, we celebrate the rich experience of being part of the Bowdoin community—whether you are in Brunswick or thousands of miles away from the Quad. We will begin BowdoinOne Day celebrations on April 1, and look forward to culminating the month long festivities on April 25, 2018.

BowdoinOne Day is about ensuring that the next generation of Bowdoin students have every opportunity to be successful. By giving to Bowdoin, we can make an immediate impact on the experience of today’s students. Your BowdoinOne Day gift helps make the world a better place by preparing a new group of Polar Bears to make a real difference.

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What is a ONE Bowdoin Moment?

This year, the focus is on the ONE thing that defined Bowdoin for our students, alumni, faculty, staff, and parents. Whether it was ONE professor who ignited a passion, ONE class that sparked an idea, ONE internship that jump-started a career, or ONE roommate who became a lifelong friend, ONEs are those memories, moments, and experiences that remind you why Bowdoin is so special. BowdoinOne Day is a time to show your pride for Bowdoin: past, present, and future. 


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