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BowdoinOne Day is a time for the entire Bowdoin community to reflect on what is unique about the experience, and reinvest in the College to ensure its ongoing excellence.

BowdoinOne Day is celebrated throughout the month of April through our meaningful connections with other Polar Bears and by giving back to the College.


How does Bowdoin use the funds?

Annual gifts bolster all areas of Bowdoin’s operating budget. Bowdoin uses these gifts where they are most needed-one example of this is supporting Bowdoin's 100 percent need-blind, no-loan financial aid, where more than 45 percent of students receive a grant and the average grant is over $43,000 per year.



Already Given? Take Action!

Thank you for making your gift to Bowdoin! Ready to take the next step? Please continue celebrating BowdoinOne Day by changing your social media profile or cover photo for the day!

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